Boredom Busting

Dog Enrichment

Keep your dog healthy and entertained and stop unwanted behaviour with enrichment and engagement plans with The Crew.

Nobody leaves baby in the corner!

Puppy One to One Sessions

The Crew will support you and new puppy through this important stage of development, with one to one foundation sessions specifically designed for puppies. 

Dog Training

Positive Training Methods

We are professional trainers who provide one-to-one training. Our positive training methods have also been proven to overcome unwanted behaviour, thus improving pet bonding.

Puppy Start Right Classes

Start on the right paw

We offer professional training, providing the very best foundations for the companion dog, right from the start.

Who are we?

about pet crew

We are a focused team that is committed to the well-being of your pets. Our crew of reliable and friendly, pet care experts are happy to supply the lovecare and dedicated attention your animals deserve. We go the extra mile to take care of all your pets needs.

Here at Pet Crew, we handle your pets with extreme care and professionalism. We pride over our clients’ faith in us and that is what drives us to perform better every time. If you permit us to care for your pets in the many ways that we offer you won’t be disappointed!

Pet Crew Mandurah - Pet Products online

We have a store!

Our aim is to offer only products that fit with our philosophy of natural treats and food that is beneficial to your pet, toys that should entertain and training products that work.

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Pet Crew Mandurah - Pet of the Month

Featured Pet

of the month

Name: Shaleh | Age: 11 | Breed: Kelpie

Shaleh is a beautiful Esperance Kelpie girl who came into care with Animal Welfare Careers 8 years ago.  She is full of personality and loves her walks and being around her mum…. me!  I am grateful I have her every day!!

Photo Gallery

Pet Crew Learning Centre

Avoiding Deadly Heat Stroke in Dogs

What is Thermoregulation? Understanding heatstroke is the best way to avoid it in our dogs. We humans sweat, it pools off of us from every part of our body. The evaporation of the sweat from our skin provides a cooling effect. This aids in our thermoregulation, that...

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Are “Slow Bowls” just another gimmick?

Is your dog a chowhound, bolting down his food faster than you can say "here's your dinner"? Are you delighted to see that they didn't choke this mealtime? Do you worry you didn't give them enough when the meal is over in 10secs flat and they look at you like they are...

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Community Involvement

Pet Crew is a proud member of the community, helping out with volunteer programs and charity wherever possible.

Be a Tree Program

A Dog Bite Prevention program for school-aged children. It focuses on fun and interactive activities while teaching children how to read a dog’s body language and how to act safely around them.

Yellow Ribbon

Understanding that a yellow ribbon around a dog’s collar or leash is a sign that children must proceed with caution when approaching an unknown dog.

Animal Welfare Carers

Animal Welfare Carers A goldfields organisation that helps with community education, fostering and pet adoptions.

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