Be A Tree Programme

Practical advice for young children and families

Pet Crew are trained educators of a community education program from Doggone Safe that provides practical ways young children and their families can reduce the incidence of dog bites.

The program is delivered to children aged between four and eight years in schools and child care centres across Western Australia. Children are provided with simple messages about dog behaviour and how to stay safe around dogs.

Leah and Judah are trained educators who deliver 45-minute presentations at no cost to schools or child care centres.

Children receive a take-home certificate and teachers are supported with ideas for linking extra activities to the Australian Curriculum.

We use a variety of tools from visuals, PowerPoint, role play and a sheepdog puppet to communicate our bite prevention message.   We believe in equipping children with the skills to interact with dogs safely at home and in their community.

The presentation will cover:


Recognising the difference between a scared, angry or happy dog.


When to approach or not approach a dog.


How to pat a dog while keeping safe.


Learn what to do if confronted with an unknown or aggressive dog.

Pet Crew believe that if we understand the basics of dog behaviour the whole community benefits.

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