Dog Training

We are professional trainers who provide one-to-one training. Our positive training methods have also been proven to overcome unwanted behaviour, thus improving pet bonding.

Our Philosophy and Methodology

The Pet Crew How

We are positive reinforcement marker trainers. Pet Crews training sessions are gradual, easy and based on animal behaviour. We use one of the four quadrants of operant conditioning called “positive reinforcement” combined with an event marker, which can be a verbal word or a clicker to modify behaviour.

The Pet Crew Why

We do not use punishment, dominance or corrections in our training.  We believe animals are perceptive, intelligent and should be treated with respect and dignity.  Punishing methods are unnecessary for modifying behavior, damaging the dog and your relationship with them.  Here at Pet Crew we focus on strengthening desirable behaviour though positive reinforcement and weakening undesirable behaviour through lack of reinforcement.

The Pet Crew Purpose

Additionally we teach pet parents how to communicate with their animals though body language and verbal cues, pet parents learn about their animals emotional state in order to eliminate stress, anxiety and fear, and strengthen the bond with them though force-free, peaceful methods.

What does this mean for you?

Pet Crew can teach you to prevent and or change things like:


  • Excessive barking
  • Not coming when called
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Reactivity on leash
  • General obedience
  • Resource guarding of toys or food
  • Separation anxiety
  • Stress triggers
  • Jumping up
  • Counter surfing
  • House training
  • And much more

By one-on-one training with Pet Crew you will be working with your dog, creating trust and a better bond enabling you to enjoy your dog more than you ever thought possible.

Pet Crew did an amazing job with my puggle pup. Ralfie was too hard for me to handle when taking him for walks. He would pull so much it hurt. After only a few visits, I could already see the improvement. Ralfie is now easy to walk alone and doesn’t hurt me when he pulls. They also trained him to lay down, how to ignore food and so much more. Even better was the fact that they trained me how to do it all. Getting Pet Crew to help train my dog was the best decision I made!
E. Claire

The difference I saw in my dogs over time astounded me. The saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks does not apply to the Pet Crew! With a baby on the way, I really appreciated the help and support of managing and re-training 2 dogs! I’ve never seen my dogs engage like they did with Leah and Judah! 
K. Hayes

Foundation Stage – Captains Rules

This is the starting point that direction the positive way forward in learning how to train your pet for life.   This is not the type of “dog training” you might be expecting.  You might have thought that you would be shown how to get your dog to “sit” or “come” but this is not an ideal starting point.

The starting point that will give you the most successful outcome from your training with Pet Crew comes at a stage before “command” training.

Pet Crew call this vital stage the Captains Rules.   This foundational stage training is not dominance training, negative punishments or being the “Alpha” but instead it’s where you learn to partner with your animal for the best results in a positive manner.  This stage helps to get everyone in your family on the same training methods, setting the ground for greatness right in your own home.

Many clients are feeling confident and happy to proceed on their own after the Foundation sessions but others feel they want at least one more session so we provide this with the option to hire us hourly.  the Captains Rules we are assured of no mutiny and we progress to the Pet Crews units of Training.


Units of Training

All other Pet Crew Units of Training following
  • Each unit is specifically modified to your goals and dog

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