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How does Pet Crew protect my dog?

August 24, 2017
How does Pet Crew protect my dog?

As a professional company that offers Dog Walking, we have policies in place for the safety of your dog.

Dogs are never let off the lead

For your dog’s safety, we walk on a loose leash only. There a number of reasons why we don’t walk off lead:

  • We need to control the situations and make sure at all times your dog is not in harm’s way
  • What if they run off? Distractions can not always be prepared for. What if they give chase to a bird, rabbit or cat. On the lead we always have control
  • If the pooch is off lead and running around, someone could take them. Not likely but dog theft is something we are watchful off at all times.

We don’t make public posts with exact times or locations of when we walk your dog

We simply don’t want to let people know where we are with your dog and at what time.

While on the lead we don’t socialise your dog

I hear you say “but my dog is good with others” and while this maybe true but we prefer to put all our attention on your dog and not have to concern ourselves with the other dog or people that may distract us.

We keep the specific details of your dog, their breed, pedigree private.

We don’t want to alert people to where your dog lives, or where we might be walking them so we don’t make them a target for theft

There are no group walks.

We only walk together with another dog if it is from the same household.

Focus is key and with a group of dogs, there are so many different dynamics to try and control. How do we give individual attention to your dog within a large group? We simply can’t, so we don’t try to. Instead, we focus our attention not other dogs, or our iphones but your dog. Our goal is to create a dog that is engaged with us when we walk and is loving the attention.


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