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Pondering Getting a Dog?

June 12, 2017
Pondering Getting a Dog?

Questions to think about

Are you wondering whether or not to get a dog? Dogs can be a very rewarding, fulfilling pet, but there are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not they will make a suitable pet for you and your personal circumstances.

Do you have time for a dog?

Dogs offer us unconditional love for their whole life, they never question that they should love you they just do. The love of a dog is awesome but in return, they need our attention. They will need to be walked, played with and trained to be part of the family and the wider community. Make sure you think about who is picking up all that dog poo, dog hair and muddy paw marks.

I personally think all that is worth the love between my dogs and I but it’s not for everyone and it’s for the life of your pet, which can be 15-20 years.

What type of dog will you get?

You need to research the breed of dog you would like. What are the breed’s requirements? Does it need a lot of exercise? What size is your backyard? How large will the dog grow? Will the nature of the animal suit your family and the family that you will have in the future?

What about the financial cost?

You need to be confident that you can meet the financial obligations of dog ownership. There is registration fees, vet bills, toys, leads, food, vet bills for possible accidents and regular necessary vaccinations and dog bedding. Then there is the additional cost of boarding or pet sitters when on go on holiday or the extra costs of accommodation that allow animals.

Have you considered saving a life by adopting a dog?

You have come to the decision you can afford a dog, have time for a dog. Next, is deciding from where you get your dog.

I would like to suggest considering doing the humane thing by adopting a dog from a reputable rescue group.

Why adopt your dog from a reputable rescue:

  • You will get to meet your prospective pooch. Many rescues give a two-week trial before adoption so you can be positive you are a good match.
  • Your rescue pet will come be spayed or neutered before adoption to stop them having puppies.
  • Your pet will be micro chipped.
  • Your pet will receive some or all of its vaccinations.
  • Many dogs that have been in rescues are trained with basic manners and well socialised. Some are even toilet trained completely before the time of adoption.
  • When you adopt you often get to see the dog socialise with other animals which will show you a lot about its nature
  • If you already own a dog you will be able to introduce them and see how they get along.
  • You know that you will not be accidentally supporting a puppy farm or a disreputable breeder.
  • Many rescues are happy to offer help and guidance as your pup grows up, many times sharing the location of pet-friendly accommodation or cafes, the best pet sitters, kennels or vets in your area.
  • There is something amazing about knowing how much your rescue dog needed you. That you were there and came to his/her rescue. It’s great to know that you did the right thing by saving a dog from being unwanted.

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