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So you have questions about a Dog walk with Pet Crew?

August 24, 2017
So you have questions about a Dog walk with Pet Crew?

17 Common Questions Pet Parents Ask

How often can you walk my dog?
We can walk your dog as many times a day/week/month as you need us to. If you need each day or just on the weekend, we are ok with that. We start to apply price discounts for the more walks we do in a 30 day period. Just ask and we will supply you with a free quote.
What days can you walk my dog?
We walk dogs 365 days of the year, we are available whenever you need us, whethit’sits Monday or Friday or every second Tuesday of the month.
What if it’s rainy or hot?
The Goldfields has a fantastic mild winter but if its one of those days that is blasting rain/winds or hail we won’t go but will swap for another day or apply a credit. Kalgoorlie can have some very hot summer days and if the temperatures rise to the point that its not safe to walk your dog we won’t. Pads on paws can get burnt, dogs can easily suffer heat stroke. We will judge the day and let you know if we don’t walk. We try to also stay out of the heat of the day.
How long will my dog be walked?
We offer a 30-minute enrichment/leadership walk but if you feel your dog needs something longer than that we can create a custom service for them.
Who will be my dog walker?
We will meet with you prior to using our services. It’s a great chance to get to know your crew and for you to make sure we are a good match for you.
Will I get the same dog walker each time?
Your primary Dog Walker will be the person who walks your crew most of the time. However, if they are sick, on holidays or have a personal emergency then there will always be a backup dog walker.
When can I meet my dog walker?
The free Meet and Greet is a great time to meet your dog walker. It’s a chance to make sure everyone is happy and to pass over all your pet care instructions. For example where you would like them walked, what time of the day, where do you keep the towel should they get wet and if there are any dogs on the street they don’t like or that we need to avoid. Also, a great time to provide a key for accessing either the house of a gate.
What happens if my dog walker is on holiday or is sick?
If your dog walker cannot walk your dog for any reason then we will always communicate options. They maybe another crew member fills in, the day is swapped to another or a credit is applied. We always try to fulfill our dog walks on the day.
Can you walk my dog with other dogs?
Pet Crew only offer private walks. This is the safest environment for your dog to be in.
Will you walk my dog off lead?
We do not let any dogs off the lead during our walks. This is for the security and safety of your dog. We are happy to discuss our reasons anytime so please contact us if you have questions.
How will I know if my dog has been walked?
We supply you with either a text, or message via Facebook to let you know how our walk went and if there was anything that we noticed that maybe important.
Do I need to give you a key to my house?
A key is only needed if you may not be home when we call or if there is no gate access. Your key will never be marked with your address and a key code is used. Any access details and keys are held in a secure system.
What if my dog doesn’t know how to walk on a loose leash?
That’s ok. We will discuss this in our meet and greet. If your dog doesn’t have his/her leash manners yet, don’t fear as we teach those. We train your pooch to walk nice and yes, even if they have never done so it has been our experience that this can change. Our rates for training loose leash walking starts at $40.00 and then drops to the normal rate once they are walking nicely. We can access this in our meet and greet and give you an idea on how long this takes, usually way shorter than you expect.
Do I have to remember to leave leads out?

No, you don’t have to leave leads out as we supply all the harnesses that we walk in. They are Mekuti No Pull Harnesses and we have them in all sizes and colours.

You can see these harnesses in our shop if you want to purchase them for yourself.

Mekuti Harness

We use these harnesses and our expertise to walk/train loose leash walking.

How much does a dog walker cost?
The cost of a dog walker starts at just $30.00. for an up to date quote please call us on 0417 211 467 or email via the contact form and we will be happy to outline the options for you.
How do I book a dog walker?
Use the contact form for your first step. After we have you as a customer you just contact us via our Facebook page, phone, text or email and we will book you in.
How do I pay for my dg walks?
We are working towards an online booking and payment service but for now, we will invoice you and supply you with BSB details for bank deposits.

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