The YellowDog Yellow Ribbon Campaign

Some dogs need space!

Pet Crew YellowDog

YellowDog Australia Project

The project uses representatives to spread the message within communities to educate about the fact that some dogs need space. If someone has a yellow bandana on their dog, a yellow ribbon on their lead, or a yellow vest it all means the same thing.

“Don’t say Hello, to a Dog Wearing Yellow”

Please give the animal wearing yellow space. This allows people whose dog needs space the opportunity to take their dog outside in the neighbourhood and have people know to give them space.

Around the year 2000 Australian dog trainers recognised the need to protect dogs that needed a little more space. These clever trainers used yellow ribbons or bandannas to indicate that a dog needs space. The Yellow Dog Ribbon Campaign was born and is now worldwide with 19 countries currently implementing the project in their communities.

Why do some dogs need more space

  • An older dog may be in pain from arthritis, another may have discomfort following surgery
  • Recently adopted dogs may feel scared in new surroundings and need more time to adjust to their new life
  • A bitch may be in season
  • Some dogs just don’t want other dogs in their personal space
  • Some dogs that have been attacked just don’t want another dog in their face
  • An over-excitable dog may need more space while being trained

Campaign Posters

Pet Crew and YellowDog
Pet Crew and YellowDog
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