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Things you want to know about a Professional Dog Walker

August 24, 2017
Things you want to know about a Professional Dog Walker

When my car or home needs repairing I look for a professional. I look in the yellow pages or search online for a repairman. I ask friends or family if they know who could help. Sometimes they suggest people and say so and so is the “best ever repairman” but after some questions, I discover he makes repairs for fun.

Would you hire a cowboy repairman, some one who does repairs for fun or would you go with the professional company?

Righto, now ask yourself the same thing about a dog walker.

Would you trust your beloved dog with a dog walker who just walks for fun or would you hire a professional dog walker?

Look closely at your dog walker and ask these questions

  1. Is it a business

A professional dog walker usually has a website or at least a Facebook page. They make it easy for you to see if they are a registered company in Australia by displaying their ASIC number.

Pet Crew ABN number is 88388090158

  1. A professional dog walker is insured

Protects themselves and you by having insurance. Each dog walker with Pet Crew has 10million dollars of public liability insurance.

  1. A professional dog walker supplies you with references.

We can supply testimonials via our website but are also happy to give you numbers of either past or present clients so you can talk to them directly to find out what they think of the service, why they left (if they are former clients) and whether they would recommend the dog walker

  1. A professional dog walker always communicates

You should never have to worry whether your walk went as planned. Here at Pet Crew we let you know how your dog went, that they are home and happy, providing you with the comfort that we have taken care of everything.

  1. A Professional dog walker always has terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are a good sign that your pet sitter is professional, copies should be signed and you should have access to either a hard copy or an electronic one. Don’t take on a pet sitter without them!

We bring copies of our terms and conditions to every meet and greet but are happy to send them to you before this stage. Just contact us and ask

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