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Untimed Visits

December 12, 2017
Untimed Visits

Want to know more? Confused?


Here’s what Untimed Visits mean to our clients and their pets 


  • We don’t have different price points for different times spent at your home.
  • We don’t charge for the minutes spent at your home; our visits are “Untimed.”
  • If the weather is beautiful and Poochie wants to spend extra time rolling around in the grass or bring his favourite toy for fetch, we can do it!
  • If Pussy is sad that mum isn’t home, we can sit on the floor and hand-feed her.
  • If your pet has a potty accident on the carpet and that takes half an hour to clean, we will take the time to clean it without cutting into the visit time or charging extra.
  • If a vet or home emergency arises, we’ll be there to handle it without any extra charge for our time.  With another pet sitting company, you would be billed for any additional time.  Extra fees are the last thing you want to worry about when you’re overseas, and an emergency occurs. And that’s why we don’t put a cap on the visit time.
  • If we have to transport your pet to the vet and accompany them during emergency treatment, we will do it.
  • If we have to stay in your home for four hours to handle a flood and assist emergency contractors, we will do it.


We see our job is to watch your pets, NOT the clock!!


How do we know a visit is over?


The visit is over when all the pet and home care tasks are complete, and your pet’s physical and emotional needs have been met. 

An average Pet Crew pet sitting or dog walk visit ranges from 20-40mins.  The length of time will vary based on your pet’s specific needs, energy level, how they are feeling on a given day, the weather e.t.c

At Pet Crew, we wanted to raise the bar on quality pet sitting services and believe that by going away from the traditional way of charging money for the time spent at clients homes was a great start. 

We also want the focus to be on your pets and home never the clock and always being in a rush to the next client.


We want to provide amazing pet care, top notch service and peace of mind instead of selling time!


Real life example of Untimed Visits


On the 18th of November, our little Kalgoorlie township in Western Australia suffered a terrible storm 

that left more than 14,000 homes and businesses without power for days.  The storm crashed through Kalgoorlie with severe thunderstorms and wind of more than 100 kilometres per hour.  There were 170 downed power lines and over 3500 calls to Western Power. 

Pet Crew spent the time immediately after the storm checking the properties and animals of all clients in care.  We spent the day cleaning up yards, monitoring the power situation on all the properties we were taking care of.  We spent our time checking on all pets in care even when our responsibility for the day was meant to have finished.  We reported situations and updates to our clients to let them know we were taking care of everything. 

No animals in our care or home properties had received significant damage, so we were very grateful. 

Some of our clients had no power for four days.  This meant everything in fridges and freezers had been ruined.  Instead of leaving a mess for our clients to return too, Pet Crew cleaned up.  We cleaned out fridges and freezers.  Taking photographs and making itemised lists for insurance claims.  Washing containers and cleaning up messes, filling up rubbish bins and organising waste removal is how we spent the following days after the storm.  We made sure that each of our clients would not have to return home to a smelly mess and rotten food to clean up.

None of our clients received an extra bill for the hours spent at each property.


That’s what an Untimed Visit is all about!!  



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