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What does a Pet Crew Pet Sitter do?

August 24, 2017
What does a Pet Crew Pet Sitter do?

You are not alone in wondering what was a pet sitter do, how does it work and what should I expect?

As an alternative to a kennel or cattery, we look after your animals in their own home by calls into your home as many times as you need us to take care of your pets.

Our tasks typically are:

  • Feeding
  • Playing enrichment and engagement games with the “happy bag” of dog toys we bring to each pet sit
  • Filling up the water bowl or sea shell
  • Take dogs for a walk (extra service)
  • Turn lights on/off
  • Close/open curtains or blinds
  • Turn on/off the re-tic or air conditioner
  • Put out the rubbish and recycling bins
  • Bring in the post
  • Light watering of gardens
  • Administer any necessary medication including injections
  • Looking after any small animals such as birds, rabbits, chickens and reptiles (at no extra charge)
  • Let out or in the pet if they are locked in during the night

The best thing about booking a pet sitter is there is no change to your pets normal routine. They don’t have to leave their comfortable home and surroundings. Your pet sleeps in their own bed and enjoys all the comforts they are used to.

Kennels are often booked out and that leaves you stressed out but with pet sitters, you can travel at short notice.

At kennels, you don’t know the dogs that yours will be mixing with and perhaps yours finds this type of adventure disconcerting. When you use Pet Crew Pet Sitting Service we don’t mix your animals with any others, meaning they are safe at all times.

Your pet can continue his duties of protecting your home and you also get someone checking your home every day to make sure your home is secure, lights on and off, open and close the curtains and give your home a lived in look.


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