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What is the difference between a House Sitter and Pet Crew Live-in Service?

February 13, 2019
Pet Crew Live-in Service

House Sitters:

A house sitter is someone that is usually a friend or a friends teenager or perhaps someone from a house-sitters website that will live at your property for the desired time. They may or may not have references, insurances or police checks. A fee may be agreed upon, or the free rent and use of facilities such as Wi-Fi are all they ask. If you have pets, a house sitter will also care for your pets. However, if you opt for a house sitter over a pet sitter, make sure the house sitter has verifiable experience and references working with and caring for pets. A Housesitter usually works during the day and stays in the home overnight. They may go out for dinner or a late night at the club or visit friends or have friends over; generally, their life continues as normal just at a different venue.

Pet Crew Live-in Service

This is a gold extension service of our Untimed Daily Visit Pet Sits. Some of our clients like a person to stay the night in the home to see to the evening/nighttime/morning needs of their animals and home. While Pet Crew staff remain at your house, their role is to take care of your animals and home. They are guaranteed to be at your home from a minimum of 7pm to 7am, often they arrive earlier and stay later, but this depends on their work-load of other evening and morning standard pet sits, but you can rest easy that someone will be home with the fur-kids, so they have companionship during those 12hours. Our role in the home is to mimic your normal care routine we feed and water, cuddle and play, clean your yard of poo and give the animals much needed attention. Some of our clients have special medical needs for their pets, so we also attend to these too. Pet Crew professional live-in sitters, listen to and follow your specific instructions for the care of your pets. We usually sleep in a spare room, and if your pets are used to sleeping with their humans then we do that too! We bring our own food, a phone and laptop, our pillows and bathroom items. Our clients usually supply us with a towel, Internet access and instructions to the use of the TV remote, which is much appreciated, as they are all different!

All our overnight staff are employees of Pet Crew and held responsible to our standards. They will leave your home as clean as they found it, strip the bed and remake it if you leave fresh linen. You don’t need to supply them any food or drinks as they come equipped with their own but will probably heat food up or store food items in the refrigerator. Our sitters are on the job, and there is no alcohol consumed during overnights or any friends allowed. They provide the customer with updates and photo’s of their animals each night. All staff have experience with animals and have their animal first aid certificates. If something seems not right, we take the time to assess your pet to decide if they need a vet. If there is a mess, we’ll make sure it gets cleaned up. It also saves you the headache and unexpected expense of coming home to an extra bill if something takes a little longer. We are more concerned about your pet’s happiness and wellbeing than minutes on the clock. Any time spent making an emergency vet visit is also taken care of. This way we can provide a full and quality service every time without worrying about the clock, and you have the guarantee of everything being completed thoroughly without additional costs.


  • Live-in sitters are employed by Pet Crew
  • Will be at your home for minimum 12 hours 7pm-7am
  • All have police checks and insurance
  • Are experience animal careers
  • Will supply their own food, no need to leave them supplies
  • Usually, sleep in the spare room
  • Bring their own toiletries; a bath-towel is welcome though
  • They will make the bed or strip and remake it if you provide the linen
  • Leave the home clean, taking care of their own mess and the animals
  • Poo clean up each day
  • Refresh water and clean food bowls and water shells
  • Play and entertain your animals and give them companionship
  • Will sleep with the pets if this is your animals normal routine
  • They will NOT have visitors, friends sleep over or go out during the guaranteed time
  • Appreciate access to your Wi-Fi and instructions for the TV remote
  • You will also get to meet your live-in person before care begins




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