Why Us?

Animal Lovers

Both Judah and I are huge animal lovers, having both had pets throughout our life. When we provide our services for your pets we know exactly how much you love them, because I am sure it’s the same amount of love that we feel for our pets.

All our business processes are put in place with your animals at the centre of them. We want them to love the experience of using our services!

Services We Love

We offer services that we love. We pride ourselves on a flexible service that can work around your schedule.

We love that we fill the needs of our clients whether it is dog training, dog toys or our canine holistic treatments. 

Professional Services

We wanted our services to be professional and met our own personal high standards and that of governing bodies in our country. So we are a fully registered business, with a legal business name, insurance and are fully GST registered.

We also have police clearances and animal experience. We are also members of the Pet Professional Guild of Australia.

Family Business

We are a focused family run pet business that is committed to the well-being of your pets.

Our crew of reliable and friendly, pet experts are happy to supply the love, care and dedicated attention your animals deserve. We go the extra mile for your pets taking care of all their needs. 


We love everything about your pets and are totally committed to providing you with honest information about all things pets.

Whether that is answering questions about our services, rates or procedures or educating pet owners, it’s something we love to do and make ourselves available for.

Customer Care

Without happy customers, we would not have a business so we invest a lot of time and money into our customer service. We follow up, we thank you when you say something nice and we are always easily contactable on social media or the telephone.

We pride ourselves on following your pet care instructions and integrate well with your vet professional and other services.    

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